GDPR: 1 minute to understand and take action

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an hot topic for 2017. Here is a video to find out the answers with images. Watch here!

From the data lake to the agile data warehouse: decision-making in the big data era

How can the data lake be combined with a data warehouse that already serves as the real keystone of the business’s acquired holdings of structured data?

How Big Data is Changing the World of (Daily Fantasy) Football

Did you know that athletes are not only monitored by cameras on stadiums, but also by many quirky devices such […]

Tutoriel : Installer soi-même un cluster Hadoop (1 nœud)

Tutorial: How to Install a Hadoop Cluster

You have read many articles on Hadoop and now you want to get familiar with it, but how do you install and apply this new technology? The recommended approach is to install a turnkey virtualized machine supplied by a major publisher.

Reporting in Adobe Campaign – Based on a Client Experience

Adobe Campaign’s standard reports cover basic marketing campaign information primarily from an execution standpoint, and they can include a variety […]

What Story Does Your Data Tell?

Today’s business users remind me of my kids when they were young. If the story we read each night did […]